Developing Teams

High-performing teams are groups of individuals with complementary skills who are:

  1. aligned,

  2. committed to a common goal, and who,

  3. actively collaborate toward an outcome that is favorable for all.

OIG Group Feb 2016 - Copy.JPG

In addition, characteristics such as shared leadership; diverse membership; effective decision-making; open and clear communication; mutual trust; and the use of amenable conflict management techniques also create a culture that advances the entire organization.  

There are times when a group of people can move quickly through various stages of development to become a team.  When this happens, it is usually due to project demands or need.  Teams typically go through growing pains and evolve over time.  Prioritizing team development will bring about high-performance characteristics that extends beyond individuals on a particular team. Other groups tend to be positively influenced by practices of high performing teams. 

OD processes cultivate high-performing teams and Karen has facilitated team development initiatives that produced more positive and productive environments.