Karen Mack Management Consultants, LLC (KMMC), is a boutique consulting firm providing end-to-end organization development (OD) advisement in areas of leadership, team/group development, and organizational effectiveness. KMMC collaborates with an organization's members to explore systemic issues that may be causing problems and then works with those involved toward a resolution. OD is an approach that promotes positive, productive change.   

Consider these questions to learn if your company, department, agency or group may benefit from an OD engagement:

  1. Are employees highly engaged and actively involved in accomplishing organizational goals?

  2. Does the culture embrace practices that promote or produce effective communication?

  3. Do meetings usually conclude on time with clear outcomes?

  4. Is the work environment one that respects/supports its people and related processes?

  5. Are organizational issues resolved using interpersonal approaches such as coaching or performance improvement efforts instead of non-confrontational techniques such as reorganizations?

  6. Are workplace relationships authentic and productive?

  7. Does the organization encourage team collaboration over working in silos?

Did you answer "Yes" to all 7 questions?  If so, congratulations, you probably have a highly functional and healthy organization.  

If you answered "No" to one or more of these questions, check out our services to see how KMMC can help your organization be more cohesive, collaborative, and productive.