Change and Transformation Coaching

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 Individual and Group Coaching Services

At some point, we all need support.  Whether it’s receiving honest, reflective feedback, embracing encouragement or having help when faced with professional or personal challenges, a coach can make a significant difference. It’s often a matter of raising awareness of one’s perspective, embracing options and having the courage to make the hard decisions.

A trained and practiced coach maintains an objective, non-judgmental position, which creates space to be open and authentic. Imagine having someone who listens deeply to what is said or who reads between the lines of what is left unsaid … having someone who will ask questions to help expand perspectives … someone who will reflect and stretch old boundaries … someone who will co-create actions to move forward and finally, will make the client accountable for commitments made — imagine the progress one can make.

Coaching is a unique relationship designed to help individuals and groups be better and do more than what may happening now. Individual coaching sessions are one-on-one meetings devoted to the need(s) of the person being coached; team coaching integrates coaching principles with an intact group who are working toward common goals. While Karen has an affinity for mid-level leaders she works with both audiences in efforts to help people move from an unstuck, unproductive place to a desired state of being.

Hear Karen talk about her approach to coaching on the podcast Turning Corners. If you like what you hear and are ready to put the pieces of your life’s puzzle together, connect for a complimentary coaching session. Know that It would be an honor to help you, help yourself!