Coaching and Facilitating

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At some point, we all need support.  Whether it’s receiving feedback, encouragement or help when considering options for professional or personal development, a coach is a significant resource.  Coaching sessions are usually one-on-one meetings devoted to the need(s) of the individual being coached.  The International Coach Federation (ICF), standard bearers in the field, highlight some of the benefits of coaching to include: 

  • Gain different perspectives on challenges, 
  • Enhance decision-making skills, 
  • Exercise greater interpersonal effectiveness, 
  • Build confidence, 
  • Improve productivity,
  • Create satisfaction in one's life and work, 
  • Attain relevant goals

Karen's coaching and facilitation style has been described as engaging and interactive. When coaching, she actively listens, reflects, and poses situations and questions to support clients with their personal or professional development. She has coached individuals on a variety of core-competency topics and is now pursuing her ICF certification. 

Karen is also a skilled facilitator; she has worked with groups from 5 - 540 participants. Naturally inquisitive, she introduces thought-provoking questions and scenarios to elicit positive behavior and change. She uses a combination of techniques to help groups stay on time and on point in meetings and special events.  From strategic planning meetings with executives to corporate retreats, groups are engaged and focused throughout the process. An energetic facilitator, Karen will work with your group on its journey to accomplishment. 

Contact Us to schedule a one-on-one coaching session or to discuss plans for an upcoming retreat.  Call for details if you are interested in a special coaching rate being offered between now and December 31, 2016.