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Karen Mack has been involved in organization development (OD) and related fields for more than 29 years. She has designed and delivered learning & development and performance improvement programs by providing consulting, facilitating and training services. She is a certified coach, which often supports OD interventions. 

Early in her career, Karen discovered that training was often a temporary fix for deeper problems. Increasingly, workshop participants would say that their leaders needed to learn what they were learning so that new ideas and practices would be accepted. They also spoke of situations where training, as a stand-alone solution, would not resolve the problem. After hearing these messages repeatedly, Karen knew that her work needed to address more complex issues. This led her to the field of OD where she now collaborates with clients to improve practices and processes that impact human systems in organizations. 

By establishing partnerships with stakeholders in organizations to plan and implement change, Karen introduces and encourages process improvements, enhances workplace relationships and builds human capacity.  With curiosity as her guide and an unyielding passion to serve as a vehicle for improvement, Karen focuses on appropriate ways to facilitate organizational change. In addition, Karen is a committed coach; she is experienced in process consulting, strategic/contingency planning and implementation, project management, and conference and meeting planning.

Areas of expertise include: training, coaching, facilitating, leadership development, interpersonal/group communication, stress management, emotional intelligence, public speaking and group engagement.

If you are looking for a compassionate and forward-thinking change agent to help put the pieces of your organization’s puzzle together, contact Karen today!